Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mistura 2015 (Peruvian culinary fair)

I arrived in Lima Peru on September 3rd more than ready to check out all the new fusions and traditional dishes that different restaurants around the country come to show case at Mistura; which has now become Latin Americas #1 culinary fair. Just to give an idea of how big the fair is, think about the bite of Seattle in terms of landscape and probably 25% more food stands but ALL of Peruvian food. It's pretty overwhelming to tackle when your desire is to try just about
everything you see! So my first visit was more of recognizance and figuring out where everything is accompanied by my parents and my good friend from Seattle who decided to travel with me... He was visiting Peru for the 4th time. At this point considered an honorary Peruvian. Yet the first time to Mistura.
As we made our way through the crowds and delicious smells  I couldn't ignore that it felt SO good to be home. The fact that day 1 was by the side of my parents was priceless as they were able to see how much passion I have for my culture, food and Don Lucho's. I must remind you that my trip was in September which also happens to be the busy season for food trucks in Seattle. But I felt the urge to get away and experience my culture as one can grow distant living abroad. I visited mistura once before in 2012 when I was in the works of starting Don Lucho's food truck and it helped me put my menu together and return to Seattle inspired. So this is round 2. Hello Lima, I'm back to learn and take all these great recipes and energy to a far away place.